Psycho-Linguistic Statistical Deception Detection From Text Content


An apparatus and method for determining whether a text is deceptive may comprise analyzing a body of textual content known to be one of text containing true content and text containing deceptive content; identifying psycho-linguistic cues that are indicative of a text being deceptive; statistically analyzing, via a computing device, a given text based upon the psycho-linguistic cues to determine if the text is deceptive. The apparatus and method may further comprise weighting the psycho-linguistic cues and statistically analyzing based on the weighted psycho- linguistic cues. The statistically analyzing step may be performed using one of a cue matching analysis, a weighted cue matching analysis, a Markov chain analysis, and a sequential probability ratio testing binary hypothesis analysis. The psycho-linguistic cues may be separated into categories, including increasing trend cues and decreasing trend cues and analyzed according to presence in a category from within the categories.

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