Data Hiding Based Messages And Advertisements


A steganographic message/advertisement embedding method is presented that can be used for contextual and targeted advertising supporting unobtrusive and on-demand message/advertisement delivery. The present invention presents over two client devices, the method includes receiving, on a first client device, a primary multimedia presentation with a plurality of steganographic codes embedded therein; whereby the steganographic code is not perceivable during a rendering of the multimedia presentation and the steganographic code is associated with at least one secondary multimedia presentation. Next; the primary multimedia presentation is rendered on the first client device. The first client device receives a user selection to select at least one of the steganographic codes. In response to the user selection, a secondary multimedia presentation is presented to the user in response to receiving the user selection, wherein the second multimedia presentation is presented over a second client device which is distinct from the first client device.

Full Patent: Data Hiding Based Messages And Advertisements

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